• Amanzonite is a specially formulated external coating exclusively made to Libra’s specification.
• It provides an armourcoat around the underside reinforcing which gives the bath exceptional superior properties. It is extremely hard and robust whilst providing exceptional heat retaining properties.
• The bath is of heavy construction.
• Easily distinguishable by its unique greyish colour.

This truck was placed on the baths utilising a forlklift and left for 24 hours under
independent observation.
Libra products pass through a rigorous quality checking program throughout the manufacturing process. Where our products are correctly installed by qualified plumbers and installers we give a comprehensive guarantee for any manufacturing fault. In addition we have a service team in the major centres who will react to any issues where there may be a factory defect.

It is important to follow the Libra installation instructions(details on our website)and also ensure the product is thoroughly inspected before installation for any visible defect in the raw material. Some accessories and components which are not manufactured directly by Libra carry a different guarantee .

Guarantee details
Acrylic baths with Amanzonite coating 20 years
Acrylic baths 10 years
Large jacuzzi spa tubs 5 years
Spa components/pumps 1 year